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I've finally gotten the results I wanted, yay! :D (After almost 4 years of struggling, lol!) I can't believe it: I upped my workload, and, for the first time, worked during semester, yet received the best results ever. If only I had the determination right from the start of my first year, haha!

My computer, however, decided to break down again. :( I'm trying not to spend money on fixing it again (I'm afraid I won't be able to pay my tuition loan when I graduate and the interests would start rolling), since the experts don't seem to know what's wrong with it anyway (I've sent it for repairs about 3 times already and the computer would run properly for maybe a dozen times more =_=). I reformatted my computer and it ran perfectly for a few times before problems surfaced. This time, besides the occasional refusal to boot up (no keyboard lights and stuff, only the sound of fans turning), the computer would suddenly hang with a neon coloured screen. Nope, blue screen of death is too boring for it. I have gotten bright pink once and cyan twice now. O_O

I'm so close to finishing CS already. I would really hate to drag it on until my next holiday. PLEASE OH PLEASE, DEAR OLD COMPUTER. You're only 4 years old, not that old yet! ':(


Dec. 29th, 2012 09:03 am (UTC)
hahaha! I'm dying to let you guys everything too! I would hate for it to keep dragging on. It's almost 4 years now, omgosh! :O

Oh no, more like a side job. (An internship would be like full-time, usually 9 to 5. I wouldn't be able to go to school, haha!)

Bah, don't worry about that. I forget things about people more than I'd like to count. :P I have just one more semester left before graduation now. (Eep!) It's pretty scary; I have sent my resume to a handful of companies and have not receive any favourable replies yet. Will keep trying, of course! :)


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