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How time flies!

School reopened this week. O_O I had an interim report and oral presentation for my final year project. In which I sucked so badly and couldn't answer 80% of the questions. (Thankfully, it was just an interim, meaning that I still have time to improve.)

I had been super busy, though. There were two parties just before school reopened, and one of it was my younger sis's 21st birthday party where I was in charge of most of the deco and baking the huge birthday cake.

The horror: A 6-layered rainbow cake which took me the entire day to bake and finish decorating. :O (Maybe I'll show you guys the insides after my elder sis, the photographer of the day, uploads her photos, haha.)

Okay, baking is fun. :) In fact, I got so excited about celebration cakes now and tried my hand at baking a tiramisu zuccotto for my boyfriend's mother's birthday, haha.

Baileys, hell yeah!

Confession: I dusted it with cocoa powder but it's way uglier, so I'm showing you guys this photo instead. :P

In other news, I haven't found an internship/part-time job yet. Nor a full-time job for post-graduation. :X

Also, my computer is refusing to boot up. :(


I've finally gotten the results I wanted, yay! :D (After almost 4 years of struggling, lol!) I can't believe it: I upped my workload, and, for the first time, worked during semester, yet received the best results ever. If only I had the determination right from the start of my first year, haha!

My computer, however, decided to break down again. :( I'm trying not to spend money on fixing it again (I'm afraid I won't be able to pay my tuition loan when I graduate and the interests would start rolling), since the experts don't seem to know what's wrong with it anyway (I've sent it for repairs about 3 times already and the computer would run properly for maybe a dozen times more =_=). I reformatted my computer and it ran perfectly for a few times before problems surfaced. This time, besides the occasional refusal to boot up (no keyboard lights and stuff, only the sound of fans turning), the computer would suddenly hang with a neon coloured screen. Nope, blue screen of death is too boring for it. I have gotten bright pink once and cyan twice now. O_O

I'm so close to finishing CS already. I would really hate to drag it on until my next holiday. PLEASE OH PLEASE, DEAR OLD COMPUTER. You're only 4 years old, not that old yet! ':(


Firstly: whoa! LJ changed so much since I last came! I kinda like the entry editor better now. ;)

*bursts into a banana dance* YAAAAYYY!!! Holidays! (I'm actually almost 2 weeks into my holidays now. Whoops. :P) This semester was a really trying one. There was a stretch where I slept an average of 4 hours nightly for 2 weeks, including weekends! I told myself I'll never do that again. o_o I could barely function. I made so many mistakes in my research work (for my final year project) during that time, couldn't memorise my script for my design project oral presentation (I managed to drill it into my head on the day itself, phew) and just kept crying over the smallest things possible. I would cry while walking home. Or when my mentor (a research assistant under my professor) helps me with some of my work even though she is also buried under her own, I got so touched I started crying. O_O I just feel so overwhelmed all the time and every little thing seemed to be able to tip me over. Well, I can't complain, since I chose to overload. :P

Anyway, I went for lasik straight after my exams, haha! :D :D :D Which makes it tiring for me to work at my computer for long hours, but nothing can beat not having to wear spectacles or contact lenses! ^^ (Even after 14 years of wearing spectacles, they still occasionally make the sides of my head ache and break the skin on my nose bridge.) I sometimes try to "remove my specs" before I go to bed, though. XD The power of habits, hahaha.

I also drew a rather ugly version of Kismette (sigh). I don't know, something just isn't right. :X Perhaps the shadows aren't dark enough? Oh well, I'm not sure how to proceed from here anymore, so I might as well show you guys for some pointers:

Well, what have you guys been up to? Update me please? :D

Hiatus Picspam! :D

After Chapter 52, please! :)

Read more...Collapse )

Back! :D

Going for the student exchange programme was probably one of the best things I have ever made myself done, haha. I mean, I used to hate travelling, so this was quite a push for me. :P

I took photos of almost every house: they are all so pretty! It's like I jumped into the sims' world! And then, I realised that this is why you guys all build such beautiful houses: your houses are so beautiful in real life! :O

Oh, and it's true: NZ is a postcard everywhere!Collapse )

Nuuuuuu!!! T_T

Sorry for the sudden absence again! I forgot to mention that I'll be going overseas (just reached home this morning at 1am!) :P

Anyway, the bad news is that I can't seem to run my game properly all of a sudden! It would load and I'll have maybe 2 minutes before my screen blacks out and my computer fans will begin to turn very loudly, like how they sound when I start up my computer. But nothing else happens. O_O The screen simply loses signal and shows that there is no connection. I can press the restart button and everything will start up fine again, but the same thing happens when I tried to run the game again.

Will be cross-posting to the sims 2 community if I can find any solution on the internet. :(((



OMGGGGGG!!! I am going mad with excitement now, hahaha! I finished my last paper today!!! :D :D :D


Okay, so. I must have missed out A LOT this whole time. What have you guys been doing? Update me please! :D

I dressed up as a sim this halloween! (Which doesn't require any dressing up, actually, lol. But then again, we don't celebrate it here and nobody dresses up, so I can't be too weird too, right? :P)

Omg I hope my lj cut works the first time.Collapse )


*blows the dust off*

Guess what? I'M STILL ALIVE! :D I came across this beautiful quote and thought this community would be the best to share it with:

"This is our goal as writers, I think; to help others have this sense of--please forgive me--wonder, of seeing things anew, things that can catch us off guard, that break in on our small, bordered worlds. When this happens, everything feels more spacious. Try walking around with a child who's going, "Wow, wow! Look at that dirty dog! Look at that burned-down house! Look at that red sky!" And the child points and you look, and you see, and you start going, "Wow! Look at that huge crazy hedge! Look at that teeny little baby! Look at the scary dark cloud!" I think this is how we are supposed to be in the world--present and in awe."
- the lovely Anne Lamott

In other news, I am overloading this semester and have caught an addiction with baking (:P), but I have no plans of cutting ties with you simmers mmkay. My deepest apologies for being such a ghost all the while. :(

*shuffles feet*

Erm, I realised I've been really slow at replying comments. I don't know how it's possible that I only replied just 1 person tonight and it's time for me to sleep already. Just to let you guys know in advance, every single one them made me grin like mad. X)

Okay, so, I need to explain that I have been zipping around for work or applying for work. Starting tomorrow, I will be working every single day until 10th June. Some days will be from 9am till 11:30pm, because I'm holding 2 jobs at one go. After this crazy period, one of the jobs will end and I should be more or less back to normal. I have no idea if I can get the next chapter out in time though. :\

Anyway, does anyone know of a way to gain weight healthily? It's just 3kg, but I'm not happy about being underweight. But, the vain part of me worries about becoming fat. =_= So... any suggestions?


So! I had a picnic with my friends to celebrate the end of our semester, hehe. I stuffed my face like crazy with junk food until I got so sick I felt like puking. Lol, no idea what's my problem.

This semester was really tough and tiring. Actually, 4 of my modules were pretty manageable. It was just ONE physics module with super duper heavy workload that kinda killed me. X( And I still thought I would have time for sims stories.

I do have quite a few photos to share with you guys, but I think it'll be wise to f-lock them. :) I don't really have a problem with sharing my life with the sims community, but... just in case, you know. I know many people simply watch my little community of population count one, so I'm now imploring that you join my community instead. If you're interested in my life, that is. :P

Sims-wise, I'll need a little time to get back into the story. I haven't had time to think about it at all, unlike my previous semesters. :(

Anyway, how have you guys been? Tell me about anything interesting that happened to you (or in the sims community)! :D