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Slow Burn

After more than half a year of procrastinating, giving myself excuses like I couldn't find the time, I finally decided to sacrifice sleep for the past few days and did this. :) And I am so damn glad to have completed it, not because it was awesome, but because I did what I promised myself. It's funny that this sense of achievement actually comes from doing it, not from the end product itself.

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Omg sheep! :D

I'm going to the University of Canterbury in New Zealand for my Student Exchange Programme in Feb 2012! 8D I am shocked that I could get a place in, actually, because there was only 1 place available for student in my course. (The news came 1 day after I decided to give up hopes on it, lol.) But omgosh, I'm gonna burst into fizzy bubbles now! X)

The first thing my younger sister (who is only 2 years younger) said after I told her about this was, "You're going to bring my a souvenir, right? I want a sheep with white fur and black legs." My friends in school asked me to bring a sheep back too, LOL.

So yea, I need info about New Zealand/Christchurch/UC. :) Anything, even negative things, because, you know, they never put such honest reviews on the website, haha. (I read somewhere that they're pretty racist and hierarchical, which makes me a teeny bit apprehensive about approaching them. :S) Do they have free public libraries? Is it safe to drink from the tap? Is the Ilam Apartments (on-campus accomodation) a good choice or is homestay better? What do people there normally eat for their meals? (Do you guys eat rice? :P) Are supermarkets easily accessible? (Do they sell rice? xD) Is it a generally safe place?

Well, I might be going too fast, actually. :\ While my University has approved of me going over and will be sending my application to UC soon, it isn't guaranteed that UC will accept me.

Decisions, so tough to make.

My class was approaching the end of our Junior College life then, preparing for our 'A' levels. It was the last tutorial lesson we would have with our Physics teacher and she wanted to talk about our future. You see, she is the kind of teacher who want to do more than teach you what is in the syllabus. :) We all liked her a lot.

Anyway, most of us had no idea what to study for in University then. I can't remember most of what she said, but I do remember this line:

If you don't know what you want, know what you don't want.

I think this is a really good advice, whether for choosing what to study in future or for something else. It's like doing a multiple-choice question; choice by elimination. Remove the choices that are certainly wrong for you. :)

So, like I said, my story ideas don't come from one main inspiration. They're made up from bits and pieces like this one.

Back from Krabi!

It was quite a fun, laid-back trip. :D I don't have the pictures though. They're with my boyfriend, but I'll see if I can get some for here, hehe.

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Simsecret? :)

I only just saw this actually, and nah, I wasn't sad or anything. :)

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ADD: Erm... I actually have a favour to ask: I don't check simsecrets regularly, so is it okay if someone tells me when there is any secret that I should reply, whether good or bad? :S I mean, you don't have to volunteer now, just that it'd be great if you can PM me or something when you see it. Thanks! :D

I am guilty!

Um, just thought I should mention that Chapter 40 is not coming out this weekend. This chapter is kinda important towards the end and I wanna think through the words carefully. :)

Anyway, it's time for this big headache called Bidding. Just before the start of every semester, my University holds this bidding session where every student is allocated bid points and have to bid for the modules we want. It's absolutely nerve-wrecking. :S And, um, I have been simming and surfing net and doing all sorts of unproductive things too, haha. Oh well, that's what holidays are for, right? :D

I didn't intend to take screenshots for these, but they're too cute! XD

Can you guys recognise her? :P

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Happy Second Christmas! :P

Did you know that Boxing Day is called the "Second Christmas Day" in some countries? It is supposedly a day of giving to the poor. :) ("Supposedly", because I found the info through wikipedia and everyone knows we can't quote them as credible sources, right? :P) Hope you guys had an awesome celebration this Christmas! ^^

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Poor Chairon.

*sigh* I feel so bad for Chairon. He genuinely cares for Kismette, but not many seemed touched by it. :'( My poor golden boy. And it's not like that raven-haired-man-of-few-words deserved all that love anyway. >:(

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OMGOMGOMGOMG I'm soooo excited I'm going to hyperventilate! Seriously, my heart is beating so fast I can feel it without putting my hand there! :D HELLO EVERYONE! I'm jumping for joy just to be back! Gawd, I missed this community so damn much! (Exclamation marks FTW, haha!)

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How have you guys been? Anything funny, sad, shocking happened? :)

*mops forehead*

Oh man, phew. My mid-terms are finally over! But I made a few so-careless-I-should-totally-bang-the-wall mistakes. Bleah. :\

Wanna know something funny? For my test today, my lecturer actually set the test with some wrong values. It would have been okay if he didn't wait until the last 5 minutes of the paper and say very cryptically that if we get some weird values in our answers, just leave it. WHAT THE HELL, MAN?! I spent like half an hour looking for the reason I got a complex number for my fish population instead of checking through my paper (which I really should because I make the silliest mistakes in exams)! It was so, so stupid I just feel so.... ARGH!!!, you know?

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