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How time flies!

School reopened this week. O_O I had an interim report and oral presentation for my final year project. In which I sucked so badly and couldn't answer 80% of the questions. (Thankfully, it was just an interim, meaning that I still have time to improve.)

I had been super busy, though. There were two parties just before school reopened, and one of it was my younger sis's 21st birthday party where I was in charge of most of the deco and baking the huge birthday cake.

The horror: A 6-layered rainbow cake which took me the entire day to bake and finish decorating. :O (Maybe I'll show you guys the insides after my elder sis, the photographer of the day, uploads her photos, haha.)

Okay, baking is fun. :) In fact, I got so excited about celebration cakes now and tried my hand at baking a tiramisu zuccotto for my boyfriend's mother's birthday, haha.

Baileys, hell yeah!

Confession: I dusted it with cocoa powder but it's way uglier, so I'm showing you guys this photo instead. :P

In other news, I haven't found an internship/part-time job yet. Nor a full-time job for post-graduation. :X

Also, my computer is refusing to boot up. :(


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Jan. 20th, 2013 08:10 am (UTC)
Yep, definitely! ^^ I baked almost every day during the holidays, hehe.

I... *gulps* hope so. Thanks! ^^;


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